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Piper & Leaf: Review

Molly Stalons, Staff Writer

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Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co. is a local, family-run tea company that began in Huntsville, Alabama. Caleb and Brigette Christopher originally called this tea company Samovar Gardens before it underwent a name change in 2014. The word “piper,” in the new name, is an old English term for a singing tea kettle, and “leaf” refers to the fresh loose tea leaves that they use to create their tea blends.

Piper and Leaf is mainly known for their delicious cold teas (tea+simple syrup+ice), lat-teas (full strength coffee + tea + milk), frothers (whipped milk + tea), and sparkling teas (pick tea and make sparkling). They offer tea samples at all of their locations and at their market stalls, which can be found at events around Huntsville. There are 13 teas available for purchase in both loose leaf tea and beverage form all year long. Of these teas, there are black teas, green teas, dessert teas, and caffeine free teas. Additionally, there are usually about two to four seasonal teas. The current seasonal teas are Velvet Bliss (almost out) and a new tea, Capri Cream (which I recommend).

Among the regulars, the Front Porch Special tea is always a favorite. My personal favorite tea is the Applecart Blossom, one of their seasonal teas, and the Strawberry Shindig. At their locations, there are many tea accessories such as teaser bags of loose leaf tea and tea strainers, as well as Piper and Leaf merchandise such as T-shirts and bumper stickers. If you do purchase loose leaf tea, you can find brewing instructions at their website.

The best deal for Piper and Leaf Tea is to buy one of their signature mason jars; they have quart and pint sizes. The quart size is the best deal as you get more tea and a better price on refills. These jars may cost more, but they are reusable and store more tea than the plastic cups that they offer as an alternative to the jars.  If you don’t want ice you have to pay an extra dollar. You can also get half sweet if you do not want your drink to be super sweet.







Piper and Leaf also caters Events and Weddings. They offer a customizable bar with unlimited refills of up to five iced teas, sweet and unsweet, sparkling and hot. As an additional bonus, a signature pint jar with a custom label is brought for every guest to keep as a favor. There is also “a team of professional tea-tenders to deliver delicious hydration in a high-class manner to your dearest friends and relations.”

There are two current locations of Piper and Leaf in the Huntsville area: one at Lowe Mill and one at Strong Station in Madison. A third location is coming in soon at Woodlawn, Birmingham. The Lowe Mill location is 3.3 miles (8-9 minute drive) from The University of Alabama in Huntsville campus.

The hours of the different Piper and Leaf tea locations are as follows:

Lowe Mill: Closed Sun; Monday-Thursday 9AM-9PM; Friday-Saturday 9AM-10PM; phone: 256-929-9404

Madison (Strong Station): Closed Sunday; Monday-Saturday 9AM-10PM; phone: 256-929-8887

Support this unique business by purchasing Piper and Leaf merchandise and by following them on Facebook @piperandleafxLOWEMILL, Twitter @PIPERANDLEAF, and Instagram.

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  1. Connor on March 28th, 2017 1:21 pm

    wow! Thank you for the awesome write up Molly! What is your favorite tea or drink?


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Piper & Leaf: Review