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What is Lowe Mill?

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Historic Lowe Mill

Molly Stalons, Staff Writer

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Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment  houses the largest privately owned arts facility in the United States. Lowe Mill, the building that houses this art facility, is a former cotton mill that has evolved into 148 studios for over 200 artists. The structure is also home to culinary artists, several restaurants, six fine arts galleries, a multi-use theater, and several performance venues.

In the studios, visitors will often find the artists themselves, most of whom are happy to answer any questions about their art or merchandise. Many of the studios also offer classes where visitors of different age groups can learn various arts and crafts. There is everything from soap-making classes to comic book illustration classes. There are also classes geared toward young children such as the “After School Art Class” with Eleonora Stein, which is available for all children ages zero to thirteen. Some of the classes require you to register in advance, and costs may vary, so make sure to check Lowe Mill’s events page for details in advance.

The culinary art businesses housed at Lowe Mill include Suzy’s Pops, Piper & Leaf Tea, Alchemy Lounge, Happy Tummy Restaurant, Irons DistilleryPizzelle’s Confections, and Chef Will The Palate.







Lowe Mill is named after Arthur H. Lowe who formed the Lowe Manufacturing Company. In 1901, Lowe Mill opened as Huntsville’s fifth textile mill. What is now Lowe Mill was much smaller at the time; in 1904, the Lowe Mill building merged with the weaving mill of the Eastern Manufacturing Company across the street. This is why the building is split. Yarn was spun in the original building and then carried to the other side of the building, where it was woven into materials such as ginghams and shirtings.

Over the years, Lowe Mill has as also functioned as a General Shoe manufacturer (Genesco) and as a warehouse for residential and commercial heating systems. In 2001 founder of Hudson Alpha Research Genetics in Research Park and patron of the arts Jim Hudson purchased Lowe Mill. He then donated the mill to form Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. The building became home to The Flying Monkey Arts Center in 2004.

Lowe Mill hosts a multitude of events every week. Some of the upcoming events include the Epic Comedy Hour January 27 from 8-10pm ($8 entrance fee), HiFi Wedding Fest 12-4pm (free), Ars Nova’s La Bohème play January 28 12:30-1:30 (free), and the Huntsville Comic Con February 10-11 ($10 1 day fee, $15 2-day fee). There are also repeat events hosted each week such as the Artist Market hosted every Saturday from 10am to 4pm (free) or the HSV West Coast Swing Dance Class every Tuesday ($10).



















The hours for the studios and galleries in Lowe Mill are Wednesday & Thursday 12 PM – 6 PM, Friday 12 PM – 8 PM, and Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM. Some of the independent businesses within Lowe Mill may keep different hours, especially the restaurants, so make sure to check online.

To find out more about upcoming events at Lowe Mill, sign up for the Lowe Mill Newsletter

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What is Lowe Mill?